• Consulting with state and local government agencies for implementation of best procurement practices
  • Revising RFPs, contracts, and other contracting documents to match best public procurement practices
  • Developing training programs and training procurement office staff members on best procurement practices for state and local governments
  • Providing books on public procurement for use as textbooks for MPA programs, resources for public procurement certifications programs, and for upgrading procurement policies and procedures
  • Revising templates for contracts, requests for proposals, and other contracting tools to implement best procurement practices
  • Developing computer software for managing contracts


Consulting on and Publishing Government Textbooks

WSC Consulting in Chico, CA developed best practices in public procurement, whether it’s at the local or the state level. We offer consulting services and books on public procurement.



State and Local Government Procurement

Best Practices in State and Local Government Practices developed by WSC Consulting have been widely accepted based on their inclusion in:

  • The National Contract Management Association's (NCMA) Contract Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK), 5th Edition, 2017 and 6th Edition, 2019
  • A 2016 textbook authored by a Rutgers University professor
  • The award winning 2016 book, Contracting for Services in State and Local Government Agencies, 2nd Edition, authored by the president  of WSC Consulting

Management Consulting services provided for state and local government contracting covers the full spectrum of state and local government procurement. Specific services that are offered include:

  • Evaluating existing procurement rules, regulations, and contracting documents or templates to recommend incorporation of best practices
  • Updating contracting documentation such as contracts, solicitations, and terms & conditions to incorporate best practices
  • Training contracting and department personnel on contracting matters such as solicitation preparation, source selection processes, contract drafting and contract management
  • Implementing contract  management system computer application, using the earned value method, to detect technical, schedule, and cost problems sufficiently early in the procurement cycle to address problems & take corrective actions

WSC Consulting recently completed the review of the procurement processes for one of the ten largest cities in the United States and recommended implementation of best procurement practices. Numerous recommendations were implemented and others are being evaluated. Contract  management software was accepted by the City and is presently live.


Federal Government Procurement

Consulting services provided for federal government agencies and prime government contractors also covers the full spectrum of government contracting with emphasis on the following:  WSC Consulting​  

  • Ensuring successful performance during Contractor Purchasing System Reviews [CPSRs] to obtain, retain, or restore approval of Purchasing System by:
  • Complying with small business, woman-owned small business and small disadvantaged business subcontracting programs while increasing cost savings for government, or profitability for government contractors, rather than experiencing added compliance costs  
  • Implementing a FAR compliant proposal evaluation process that better identifies "best value" proposals and helps avoid contractor protests  

Government Contracts Consulting and Publications  

  • Training purchasing and contracting personnel  
  • Updating policies and procedures  
  • Updating templates for documenting compliance with FAR subcontracting requirements  
  • Establishing process and documentation for managing and paying progress payments  
  • Implementing a tool for managing contracts and subcontractors to ensure timely, cost-effective project  completion