Government Contracting: Promises and Perils

The second edition of William Sims Curry's second book, Government Contracting: Promises and Perils, describes common practices in government contracting that endanger government agencies, contractors, and officials. Strategies for avoiding such dangerous contracting practices are fully described in this book. Book owners have access to best practices requests for proposals (RFPs) and best practices contracts. An updated process for evaluating proposals and selecting the best value proposal is featured in the second edition. Additional contract management tools are also available online for book owners. The second edition was released on 09/08/2016.


Contracting for Services in State and Local Government Agencies

The second edition of William Sims Curry's award winning first book, Contracting for Services in State and Local Government Agencies, significantly updates public procurement best practices. This book is used by state and local government agencies as a reference for upgrading their contracting policies and practices. It is also used as a textbook for MPA courses and for public  procurement certificate programs. A follow-up to the original nationwide best practices research project was the basis for the second edition updates. Fifteen additional best practices are included in the second edition. Corrected formulas were developed by the author to replace present anomalous formulas for weighing proposal evaluation scores used by certain states, large cities, and other local government agencies. The glossary of contracting terms, best practices RFPs & contracts, and other contract management tools are available online for book purchasers.